Matthews Family

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Where is she now? 

Where is she now?  Little Candy Jean Halverson is now Candace N. English.  I live in in a beautiful community in Valley of the Moon, Sonoma County, California.  In other words, Paradise.  I’ve persevered through marriages, deaths, masters degrees, loss and renewal, foreign lands and life in the country.  My accomplishments include founder and director of a great choir, Music in the Blood, as well as a degree in marriage and family therapy and a psychotherapy practice in Sebastopol, California.  It’s been a great journey since the days of Tiny Town, and there is no doubt that the mark of TT is everywhere upon me.  Now “older”, I remain an active violinist.  I’ve played in several orchestras, ensembles and jazz combos. I lead an innovative trio, The Charms.  Even with all the Covid chaos and isolation, music still fuels and sustains me.

At Tiny Town I learned to stand up for myself, to show deference when appropriate, to figure out how things work, to respect the value of money, to toil, to dream, and to honor the legacy of my family.  Thank you, Nana and Matt.  Thank you, Tiny Town.

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