Stan Freberg 1951

Stan Freberg & Seasick Sea Serpent 1951

Harry and Beatrice Matthews often invited local television and movie celebrities to appear at Tiny Town.  These appearances were accompanied by newspaper and radio advertising, and often included a cause, such as the Shriners Children’s Hospital, for which money was being raised.

A lot of the celebrities were TV cowgirls and cowboys, including Carolina Cotton, Doye O’Dell and Walkin’ Charlie Aldridge.  Others, such as Skipper Frank, Sheriff John and Chucko the Clown had their own TV shows for kids.  Of course, Stan Freberg was famous for his puppetry and creation of such characters as Cecil, the Seasick Sea Serpent.  And who knew that Iron Eyes Cody would persevere into the 70’s and become one of the faces of the environmental movement.

The Matthews had a niche in their growing amusement park industry.  They knew the Knotts and the Disneys and often received fancy invitations, which they usually declined.  NaNa, who had a physical handicap and walked with the aid of a crutch, wasn’t much for parties.  When pressed to attend, she would usually seek out the piano and spin out some Scott Joplin or jazzed-up improvs of Christian hymns.  Her favorite special friend, who often visited her at Tiny Town, was Liberace.

Some of the many celebrities that appeared at Tiny Town: Click on any of the names to go to their page

“Walkin” Charlie Aldrich

Roscoe Ates

Uncle Archie (Ross Clark)

Reuben Casting & Joe

Iron Eyes Cody

Carolina Cotton

Eddie Dean

Tat-zumbie DuPea

Skipper Frank

Stan Freberg

Leo Garabaldi

Nutsy the Clown

Clarence Nash & Donald Duck

Doye O’Dell

Sam & Josie

Sergent Preston of the Yukon & King

Nancy Wible

Wrangeler Jim

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