From Candy Jean Halverson, the Princess of Tiny Town

Candy & Pony 51

Candy & Pony 1951

Contact Candace with info or pictures you have of Tiny Town or people associated with it such as celebrities, friends, family or yourself enjoying the activities. 

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  1. Sue Harford Allerton

    I remember Tiny Town VERY WELL. I got into trouble one day because of it. I lived a block and four houses away. One day I got into mother’s purse and pulled out the money. Took my little sister’s hand and walked to Olive (as it was then named) Blvd. As we crossed the street, the cars stopped. I was about five or six. My sister was 18 months younger. We rode on many of the attractions, until we got tired. We went home with spun sugar and popcorn. We had so much fun. . .until my mom spotted us. Then I got a spanking for risking my sister’s life in crossing the boulevard. And I was forbidden to eat the spun sugar and popcorn.

    • Candace English

      Hello Sue
      Thank you for sharing your Tiny Town memory. Visiting your mother’s purse, and then setting off for Tiny Town with your little sister in tow, was quite the bold move. I’m surprised that neither Nana nor the staff noticed you were two small children on your own. Sorry you were spanked, and I hope you were still allowed to visit Tiny Town even after the incident. (My mom tried spanking, but I refused to cry, so she gave up.) I’m glad you found the site and took the step to be in touch. Best wishes and good health to you!
      Candace English

      • Thank you, Candace. We were noticed. but no one talked to us. The man in the ticket booth saw us and said nothing. He made change for a twenty. We got a string of tickets. Each time an attraction went on, someone was there to activate it. They said nothing. There were no other people in the park that day. When we bought the spun sugar and popcorn a lady waited on us and said nothing. No. no one approached us that day. If there were a Tiny Town today, do you think someone would have talked to those two little girls to find out where they were from and where their mommy was?

      • Hi, I’m restoring a carousel horse and was told it was from your carousel. I would love to know if that’s true. I was also told the carousel was destroyed because of riots and the horse was saved. From reading al this you seemed very familiar with the horse. i hope you can help. It would be great if this is a true carousel horse from your carousel!

  2. hello candace, my name is brad and im writting u to see if u knew anyone who would be interested in a 1951 walkin charlie drawin and colorin book on cowboys.he has signed it 2 times.its in good condition and its been in my family since 1957.any leads u mitte have id really appreiate then. thank u and have a great day… brad d.

  3. I just read about your website on my Compton Group page. We all went there a lot as kids. This is a photo of me at about 7 yrs old. I lived about eight blocks from the amusement park. We went a lot after church on Sundays, It’s exciting to finally see more photos, I thought mine was the only one!Pam Grimm 7 yrs old Tiny Town Park ride


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