From Candy Jean Halverson, the Princess of Tiny Town

Candy & Pony 51

Candy & Pony 1951

Contact Candace with info or pictures you have of Tiny Town or people associated with it such as celebrities, friends, family or yourself enjoying the activities.

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  1. hello candace, my name is brad and im writting u to see if u knew anyone who would be interested in a 1951 walkin charlie drawin and colorin book on cowboys.he has signed it 2 times.its in good condition and its been in my family since 1957.any leads u mitte have id really appreiate then. thank u and have a great day… brad d.

  2. I just read about your website on my Compton Group page. We all went there a lot as kids. This is a photo of me at about 7 yrs old. I lived about eight blocks from the amusement park. We went a lot after church on Sundays, It’s exciting to finally see more photos, I thought mine was the only one!Pam Grimm 7 yrs old Tiny Town Park ride


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